The Department of New Media Art

Academy of Arts Novi Sad

The Department of New Media Art enrolled the first generation of students in the year of 2002-2003. Goal of the department is to follow and adapt to the most contemporary artistic trends in the world. Except for classical subjects (painting, drawing, graphics ...), the curriculum of the department contains of three main courses:

Intermedia research
The goal of this course is to introduce the students to contemporary media art and its techniques. Through experiments, visual and conceptual research students work on ambient and generative art, sound and interactive installations, artbooks, urban interventions etc.

Video art
During their studies students acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of video art. Starting with avant-garde experimental film, animation, documentary video, stop motion techniques and short forms, they are developing necessary techniques and knowledge that will help them further in their work.

Digital art
Through a combination of theoretical and practical teaching, students are introduced into techniques and methods of digital art and its current scene. They are developing project in domain of Internet culture, social networking issues, media theory and media activism, as well as data visualization techniques.

All courses are practical in nature with unavoidable theoretical and historical aspects. Through the courses Theory of Media and Visual Elements, specifically designed for students of the Department of New Art Media, students expand their theoretical and practical knowledge through discussion and project experience.

The curriculum for bachelor is designed to be flexible in order to provide students with new developing tools, practices and methods in the domain of new media art. Department is open for international and regional cooperation and often has visiting professors from the region and the world. One of the goals of New Media Art department is that students get acquainted with the exhibition experience and art scene as early as possible, so students are stimulated to participate as much as possible on art competitions, and their exhibiting experience is enriched by frequent group experimental performances, resulting from workshops and projects that departments staff organizes.

The outcome of the study process is an emerging artist with academic education based on newly acquired knowledge in the field of new media art. Students are also free to move their study program towards courses that will enable them to acquire knowledge in the methodology of teaching, so that they can become educated as well as future artist and professors.

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Teachers and associates

  Lidija Srebotnjak-Prišić, full professor
  Dragan Živančević, full professor
Vladan Joler, full professor
Stevan Kojić, full professor
Isidora Todorović, associate professor
Andrea Palašti, associate professor
Aleksandar Ramadanović, senior associate
Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić, associate
Ana Stefanović, associate


2017. Balać Igor
Jajić Teodora
Janić Vladimir
Molnar Edvard
Rakić Nađa
Reljić Milutin
Sušić Nataša

2016. Cvetković Marija
Ivić Dušan
Jevrić Tijana
Kuzmanov Jelena
Savin Petar
Požarev Novak

2015. Đuričkov Konstantin
Anđelković Sanja
Jokić Milica
Milić Petar
Novaković Mladen

2014. Gajinović Jelena
Kapičić Katarina
Novaković Vanja
Stojanović Luka