New Media Art

Entry exam information

If you are interested in New Media Art program, our doors are open to all people interested to get acquainted with the informations and details related to enrollment and entry exam.

We are providing consultation throughout the year. CONSULTATIONS for maps and entry exams are held at the Academy of Arts, Đure Jakšića no. 7.

We are open on:

Digital Art
- Monday, prof. Joler: 16-17 pm​​
- Friday, prof. Todorovic: 9-11 am

Intermedia art
- Tuesday, prof. Srebotnjak Prišić and prof. Kojić: 9-13 pm

Video art
- Wednesday / Thursday, prof. Živančević: 9-11 am

For more informations write to:
Subject line: "Consultation for the entrance examination and map"

Entry exam for admission to the department for New Media Arts consists of three parts:

- Preliminary entrance - portfolio/map
- Differential exam (for those with inadequate qualifications) *
- Preliminary exam for all - drawing by a model 2 day
- New Media Art Entry Exam

* You can find more information about the preliminary and differential exam information here

All programmes are held in Serbian language but our departments courses can be in English and we are providing individual work and consultation classes as well

Preliminary entrance - portfolio/map consists of:

-Motivation letter of up to 500 words (describes the motivation for enrollment in the study program NEW MEDIA ART)
-3 DRAWINGS - STUDY of portrait in natural size (100x70cm)
-3 DRAWINGS - FIGURE STUDY (act or dressed figure)
-3 BOARDS OF SMALL DRAWINGS (pencil, ink, pastel, combined technique, collage, etc.100x70cm)
The 100x70cm boards of choice may be different and represent the series of research or project proposal. Medium is of your choice: photography; text or 3D proposals for installations in space (photographs, sketches and description); video works / animation frames; generative art etc.
-Select up to 5 DIGITAL WORKS for USB, CD or DVD (projects in code, webpages, sound, video, net art etc.)

Your map of works should show interest and experimentation within the digital media: interactive works; WEB site (EXE, HTML); digital graphics and animations (in GIF, JPG, MP4 format); works dealing with sound (MP3, MIDI, WAV, FLACK, OGG or sound image); 3D modeling (MAX, OBJ, FBX, 3DS, STL, C4D, BLEND, MA, MB).

* If a non-specific format is used, the corresponding reader-program must be added

New Media Art Entry Exam takes two days and consists of:

First day
- Practical work by given subject and medium - theme I

Second day
- Practical work by given subject and medium - Theme II
- Interview with candidates