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#idplaces is co-authored project created within the framework of the project Visual Transposition of Identity and Space. Taking Instagrammable places as the starting point, the project deals with issues of selfie and like culture, problem of interface and soft power, accumulation of content and presence. Instagram has become the most widespread medium that underscores social reality and produces a very specific vision of consciousness.The concept "As long as it's present on Instagram it happened" has created a situation where document of present moment became more important than the presence and the true experience of the place and situation in which we found ourselves.
Subversively using the same platform, the authors want to put us in situation of discovering new places and just be present in the given place and its surroundings.

The project starts on March 09th, 2019 with a workshop in Paris based on the psychogeographic walk in urban areas. Using a walk as a guidance system through spaces in search of spaces or places, the workshop aims to map identity points of the city that are less known but not less valuable. The idea is to reverse the branding power that Instagram possesses and direct it on the spaces that are witnesses of presence and enables the creation of a much more detailed and realistic identity map of the visited city and its citizens.

The co-authors of the #idplaces project are:
Luka Stojanovic, Jelena Gajinovic, Vanja Novakovic and Tijana Jevric in cooperation with Suncica Pasuljevic Kandic

18.12.2018, CK13, Vojvode Bojovica 13
Bread Sharing
Artist’s Menu & CK13


In addition to the bread sharing, we had a discussion and a projection of student notes collected during the project.

* "Artist’s Menu" is a project created by Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić in order to expand the menu-knowledge of the students. More about the project on her website:

* More about the Fermento project of Joana Quiroga visit:

Event link

18.12.2018, 6pm, CK13, Vojvode Bojovica 13
Ferment Research Workshop results
Artist’s Menu + CK13 invites to share
the results of "Fermento Research"


"Fermento Research" is an investigation about the invisible, proposed by the Brazilian artist Joana Quiroga to the students of the Art department of the Academy of Arts of Novi Sad.
Working with the microorganisms present on the air, each one chose an invisible aspect to explore, and created an sourdough starter as a way to make it visible.

At CK13 we invite to the moment when will turn these invisibilities into this so symbolic food: the bread.

Participants are:
Teodora Jajić, Jelena Kuzmanović, Marija Cvetković, Anastasija Komatina i Milena Herceg and Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić and Joana Quiroga

* "Artist’s Menu" is a project created by Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić in order to expand the menu-knowledge of the students. More about the project on her website:

* More about the Fermento project of Joana Quiroga visit:

Event link

18th and 19th of December 2018, 7pm - Youth Theatre, Ignjata Pavlasa 4
20th of December 2018, 6pm - Academy of Arts, Đure Jakšića 7
International Short Video and Film Festival



Like the previous eight editions, this years "SHORTZ" is conceived as an open platform for the promotion of contemporary short and experimental film and video from around the world, as well as the affirmation of domestic authors. The festival furthermore has the ambition to expand its activities in accordance with the strategy of the cities in development by strengthening existing international cooperation and creative potentials as well as the efforts to maintain the decentralization of its activities within Serbia to smaller towns.

We welcome you at 9th Shortz international Video and Film Festival. Thanks to our partners and friends we have great films to show! See it for yourself at The Youth Theater, 18-19 / 12 / 2018 from 19h and 20 / 12 / 2018 from18h at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad . Entrance is free! Welcome!

Entire program is available at our website:

FB link:

24th of November 2018, 1pm at Department of New media art, Academy of Arts
Ferment Research


This Saturday Joana and students form the art department of Academy of Fine Arts started their Ferment research. They discussed how our perception and our attention to what is around us can be transformed into something visible and collaborative.

Together they started a collaborative Fermento and chose Academy as a place of research. Together they will nurture this Fermento and make a bread with this starter that they will share.

Students will be also developing their own Ferment on the place of their choice that they wish to explore in depth.

Participants are:
Teodora Jajić, Jelena Kuzmanov, Marija Cvetković, Ena Jovančić Vidaković, Anastasija Komatina, Jose Reyes Caballero i Milena Herceg

Links to her work:

For more updates on the process of her work in Serbia and other activities follow us on our web page and social media.

21th and 22nd of November 2018. at Department of New media art, Academy of Arts
Lectures about Invisible life
Fermento Research of Joana Quiroga


This week students from the Art department had an opportunity to listen to Joana’s lecture and be introduced with her art practice and research. The lecture opened the doors to a talk on the use of artist materials and research methodology.

Links to her work:

For more updates on the process of her work in Serbia and other activities follow us on our web page and social media.

November 2018. Until January 2019, Department of New media art, Academy of Arts
Joana Quiroga
Artist in Residence




Starting this year, department of New Media Art is opening its door to its first guest artists in the framework of our guest lecture series Artist meny.

Joana will be working on her years long project Fermento. Her project foresees the creation of a yeast in Novi Sad Academy - a process that takes approximately 15 days -, and then make a bread with this starter and share it periodically, in an open studio or exhibition. In this way she will be researching the literal and abstract concept of “invisible life”. Her idea is to discuss how our perception and our attention to what is around us can be transformed into something visible and collaborative. She will be collaborating with students of the Academy and sharing her research with the public.

Joana Quiroga has academic background in Philosophy but her ideas and work led her to artistic practise. Her practice is immersed in collaborative work and artistic research which lead her to curatorial and writing practice where she is publishing papers related to art in Brazil and beyond. For many years now she is collaborating with Fredone Fone as an artist duo Pêndulo where they are working on various community projects. She has exhibited across South America, France, BiH.

Links to her work:

For more updates on the process of her work in Serbia and other activities follow us on our web page and social media.

31th of October 2018, 12am, Department of New Media Art
Lecture about Robots
by professor Branislav Borovac


We invite you to join the project "Artistic design of a robot for practical application".

Inform yourself of the project on October 24th and 25th 2018. from 9-11am at the Department of New media art / or register for participation by sending your info (name, surname, course and year of study) to:

On October 31th at 12am, Department of New Media Art will host a guest professor Dr. Branislav Borovac from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Faculty of Technical Sciences

The project is realized by the Department of New Media Art of the Academy of Arts in cooperation with the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. The project "Artistic design of a robot for practical application" is realized with the support of the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research.

22nd of October 2018, Courtyard of the Academy of Arts, Đure Jakšića 7
Exercise # 1


As part of the course of Intermedia art, students of the 2nd and 3rd year explored the performative aspects of contemporary art. Divided into two groups, students performed a piece by Hamish Fulton “Walking”. This exercise resulted in a discussion and exchange of experiences.

Hamish Fulton is a contemporary artist who practices Walking Art. Using walking as a basic means of research, he is interested in the experience formed by it. In his work he is following the ideology of "do not leave a trace" that relates to the theoretical foundations of the concept of dematerialization. He conducts his work individually and in groups addressing personal, ecological and political situations.

More about the artist:

*Exercise # 1 is part of the workshop series in the course Intermedia Art. It is lead by assistant Sunčica P.K.

16th of October 2018, From 10-17h, Department of new media art
Performance Workshop
by artist Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smit


On Tuesday, October 16th, in the premises of the Department of New Art Media, German artist Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith will hold a one-day experimental performance workshop with students of the Academy of Arts.

The workshop is a product of the collaboration between Academy of Arts and Gallery SULUV. As SULUV Artist-in-Residence Dagmar will hold a performance in the gallery on 17th of October at 20pm.

Dagmar I. Glausnicer-Smith graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2000 and at the Goldsmith's College in London in 1994. Since 2003 she is in Germany, organizing international workshops dedicated to performance, as well as workshops related to long-lasting, twelve-hour performance called Werktag in interaction with different city locations. She organized various public, international events called Transitstation in London, Berlin, Edinburgh and Copenhagen. She is a lecturer at Kingston University in London since 2003.

More about the artist:

October 10 - November 2, 2018. Gallery VN, Zagreb, Croatia
Home Workouts

Home Workouts is conceived as communication exercises, where staged (short-term) assignments are set with special instructions that the project participants give each other. Home Workouts offers a variety of creative exercises that can be performed easily, with minimal equipment, a little effort and in simple space-time conditions. Home Workouts can be instructed from home, run at home, in passing, with or without a partner. By following the simple but specific instructions, the works are exploring the meaning, function and status of the work of art. In cooperation with the students of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Home Workouts are based on the development of rapid solutions without “conceptual pretensions”. They represent a kind of artistic, aesthetic and conceptual warm up exercises that suggest how alternative methods of artistic educative strategies affect the development of creative thinking.

Home Workouts are performed in various media; depending on the task, photographs, drawings, video works, objects, texts and/or audio records are used for documenting interactions, interventions and/or mutual communications. Home Workouts actually draw inspiration from a number of references from art history, including the movements of the 1960s and 1970s or authors such as Sol LeWitt, Yoko Ono, Alison Knowels and others, but also from modern trends, such as the internet project LTLYM (2002/09) by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher, or the exhibitions do it (1993 - ) curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and We Are All Photographers Now (2007). In this light, the Home Workouts project relies on a kind of collective education; however, the focus is not (only) on the aesthetic functions of the works of art, but also on social and emotional interaction among the participants. It is not reflected (only) in the materiality of the presented works, but its value is recognized in revealing various shades of human perception, namely, in different interpretations of both the task and ourselves.

Students: Adrijana Homa, Andrea Berković, Aleksandra Novaković, Aleksandar Siker, Aleksandar Iđuški, Aleksandar Danguzov, Aleksa Stajšić, Aleksandra Čičovački, Aleksandra Žepinić, Ana Bokan, Aleksandra Ljubisavljević, Ana Novaković, Anđela Cipar, Anđela Kopanja, Bojana Prodanović, Boris Stanišić, Danijela Gruban, Danilo Lalović, Dejana Kovačević, Dijana Molac, Edvard Molnar, Emma Turkaly, Emilia Nadj, Emilia Varga, Eva Prikel, Ines Damjanović, Filip Džolić, Marko Piroški, Igor Balać, Ivana Jeremić, Jelena Bajić, Ivana Sailović, Jelena Bosnić, Ivana Vukanac, Jelena Simonović, Milorad Savanović, Kristina Polender, Maja Jović, Marija Škrbić, Mila Pejić, Maša Vujinović, Milena Herceg, Milica Nikolić, Miloš Mirić, Milutin Reljić, Nađa Rakić, Nataša Sušić, Natalija Hajagoš, Nevena Kovačević, Nikolette Fehér, Vladimir Janić, Peđa Carević, Stefan Kovačić, Vladimir Tucakov, Teodora Jajić, Tanja Tomić, Tijana Đukić, Jovana Semiz, Anđela Stupar, Violetta Iván, Helena Soldat, Tea Vukadin, Sanja Anđelković, Konstantin Đuričković, Milica Jokić, Jelena Kuzmanov, Katarina Kapičić, Mladen Novaković, Vanja Novaković, Petar Milić, Glória Monyov, Gyöngyi Rác, Jelena Gajinović, Ivana Čavić, Petar Savin, Luka Stojanović, Aleksandar Apatović, Miloš Bibić, Jelena Bursać, Mladen Čeljuska, Emil Čorba, Nemanja Dejanović, Luka Drljan, Natalija Hajagoš, Tamara Jovanov, Doroteja Lovre, Nikola Mitić, Nemanja Mrkšić, Marija Ranković, Natalija Ranković, Tatjana Smiljanić, Filip Funštajn, Miroslav Janjin, Zorana Matković, Bogdan Simeunović, Kristina Božović, Zorka Ćirović, Božo Ivanković, Strahinja Jajić, Lidija Krnjajić, Duška Miladinović, Marina Stojšić, Luka Žurovski, Marija Cvetković, Dušan Ivić, Tijana Jevrić, Novak Požarev, Sandra Jakovljević, Igor Šiler, Una Tomašević, Vasilije Vujović, Ivan Vuknić, Jovan Dobrijević, Nataša Domazetov, Isidora Milaković, Anja Milivojević, Jelena Mišljenović, Višnja Nedeljkov, Nina Batinica, Ivana Bućko, Lenora Kapuši, Olga Mandić, Ana Ristić, Teodora Šćepanović, Nevena Silaški, Marija Stošić, Milica Strizović, Anđela Živković, Stefan Grković, Relja Milanović, Leon Radosavljević, Lidija Raletić, Nikola Uzelac
+ special guests Danica Bicanic and Monika Sigeti
Concept: Andrea Palasti

2018-2019, Academy of Arts in Novi Sad &
Serbian Cultural Center of Paris, Novi Sad - Paris
Visual transpositions of identity and space


What constitutes our identity and how do we understand, read and present it? How much are we personally responsible for our self-constitution and to what extent is that outcome of the social construct of our society? Do we acquire multiple personas that live in countless spaces or we become consumers of collectively canonized values?

The idea behind the project Visual Transposition of Identity and Space is to investigate whether and how today's conceptualization of ourselves and our environment differs from the period preceding the present hybridity that surrounds us. The project focuses on involving audiences and young artists through interactive discussion, psychogeographical workshops and exhibitions in a joint consideration of these issues.

Artists: Jelena Gajinović, Vanja Novaković, Tijana Jevrić and Luka Stojanović
Author of the project: Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić
*Project is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Information
Follow the news section for project update

22. of June until 02 of July 2018, Gallery of Matica Srpska, Novi Sad
Graduation Exhibition

This month students or Fine art department will be holding their final exhibition show. Final year students of the Department of New Media Art, Jelena Gajinović, Luka Stojanović, Vanja Novaković i Katarina Kapičić, will present work in domain of virtual identity, city identity and audience interaction. The show is open to public and it will include many other following event.

More about the program here

We hope to see you there.

12-13. Of May 2018. Student City - Campus of the University of Novi Sad
"Make, walk and find!


At this years 10th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE AND EDUCATION, the Department of New Media Art will hold two creative workshops through which visitors will have the opportunity to create and explore hybrid practice of ART & SCIENCE. We will teach you how to quickly and easily create your own witty sound sculpture and discover what is hidden in the corners of the festival. We invite you to engage in an interactive AR quest for Fruška Gora mythical creatures and win a shirt or sticker with your favorite creature.

05. of May 2018 / Danube quay
International Dawn Chorus Day - Field recording
Sound Camp Workshop


On Saturday, 05th of May students of the Department of New Media Art gathered on the occasion of the International Dawn Chorus. This day marks the celebration of the sounds of nature and the human environment. Through a public sound map community shares and streams sound of specific environment with the world.
We joined the international Sound Camp project and streamed the sounds of the city of Novi Sad.
Workshop was moderated by assistant Sunčica P.K

Sound Camp